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Gary Boland

Sales Representative

How long have you been working at Integrity Builders and Supply?

  • I have been working at Integrity Builders since 2012. 

What role do you perform, and what are some of your duties?

  • I am a Sales Representative.

What’s your favorite part about working at Integrity Builders?

  • My favorite part is working with customers and my coworkers.

What’s been your favorite moment helping a customer?

  • Getting projects done and knowing that we built a quality product.

What are some things that customers might not know about you?

  • I am an avid Walleye fisherman and waterfowl hunter!

What credentials or certifications do you hold?

  • I have been in swine production over 30 years before I started with Integrity Builders.
  • PQA Level III
  • Degree in Swine Production
  • Pork College Level I, II, & III
  • Swine Ambassador Speaker of Iowa Pork Production

Call me today at 319-330-0389 or email me and let me know how I can assist you!

Gary Boland - Sales Representative

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